Learning Projects - Home and Stuff Repair and Renovation

Our projects are priced against market labor costs for services offered by traditional contractors. We're typically 1/3 lower and have a variety of discounts for you. $25 trip charge/minimum.*

Eureka! Home Tour*

We charge a flat fee of $125/home. No time restriction and no trip charge. We want to answer all the questions you have and make sure you walk away confident and informed. Includes Free 15min phone follow-up. *This is not a Home Inspection, see services page. 

Fixed Cost Learning Projects

A bunch of projects are super common: how to restore an old wood window, how to replace a bad light switch, common fixes for toilets, etc. We have a variety of inexpensive fixed rates for specific projects and subjects. Just give us a call. 

Project Planning or Custom Packages

We charge $50/hr* but hate to do that. Learning under a ticking gun is no fun, so it's just for small stuff. We will work out a reasonable custom package for more significant projects. Includes Free 15min phone follow-up. *(One hour minimum and quarter hour increments thereafter, NO trip charge).