Learning Projects - Home and Stuff Repair and Renovation*

Our projects are priced against market labor costs for services offered by traditional contractors. We're typically lower than contractors who DON’T teach and have a variety of discounts for you. Clients are responsible for making materials purchases, with our help.*

Eureka! Home Tour**

We charge a flat fee of $125/home/4hour max, no additional charges. We want to answer all the questions you have and make sure you walk away confident and informed. Includes Free 15min phone follow-up for any Eureka! questions. **This is not a Home Inspection, see services page. 

Project Planning or Custom Packages*

We charge $60/hr, with some discounts for bulk up-front plans. Includes Free 15min phone follow-up.

Traditional Contracting*

Again we are typically lower than other area contractors. We offer a variety of discounts and our estimates make charges clear and understandable.

*We offer discretionary discounts to non-profits, cooperatives, service members, veterans, teachers, social workers, and foster parents as well as various promotional discounts. Discounts may not apply to all projects, but we’ll do what we can. We offer free clinics in the summer through Knowledgefire and pricing plans for low-income clients. Trip and trailer charges may apply to some projects, they are applied to promote efficiency and compensate for travel heavy projects.