References, Credentials and Certifications

We're really happy with how much fun people are having with us. We've got a list of references for you to call, just ask. Also, check out this video to hear what our clients are saying.

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OSHA 510 Trained

OSHA 510 is the first half of the program that will certify us to train others in OSHA regulations. For the time being, we have extensive experience in OSHA regulations and a spotless safety record.

CPR and First Aid

We're CPR and First Aid trained through the Red Cross and carry an EMT level kit to all our projects. It's never been opened, but we're fully prepared!

Tons of Experience

We've been leading hands on learning programs and fixing houses for years. We've worked in the not for profit and for profit sectors with a consistent record and mission. Our record is so good that even with our radical, unprecedented business model we still found brokers to write an extensive insurance policy.