Eureka! Home Tour*

We’ll help you understand your home by walking through and discussing the materials, features and systems; their functions, benefits, challenges and alternatives. We can help you prioritize projects and demystify your home. Using visual aids, industry reference materials and our experience with Buffalo’s unique housing stock, we’ll help you understand more about your house or the houses you are interested in buying. You will leave feeling empowered in your knowledge and able to make more informed decisions before moving forward with a purchase or a project. This service has saved our clients THOUSANDS of dollars.

* This service is for educational purposes and does not include any written report. This is NOT a home inspection and the information given is not a substitute for a home inspection.

Learning Projects

Fix. Build. Renovate. Whatever you're dreaming of we can help teach what you need to know to get the project done. From start to finish we're by your side building your knowledge and skill as the project comes together. We’ll help you pick the best projects to take on so you learn the most meaningful skills for your life as a home-owner.


Stuff Repair

Busted bike? Finicky fridge? Clunky computer? Wandering washer? Stuttering snow blower? If it’s a project you want to tackle, we can help.

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Project Planning

Are you planning a project and feeling overwhelmed or under-informed? We can help you understand the full scope of the project you want to complete. We'll pick apart the process, materials, challenges, costs and benefits. We'll help you understand the industry terminology so you can ask better question of the contractors you're bidding. We can join you while contractors are bidding your project and then privately offer our thoughts on what they say. We can help you avoid being taken advantage of, and select the best options for your home. 

Pop-In and Problem Solving

Feeling pretty good about tackling the project yourself? Ok... maybe just a few questions. 

We can custom fit our help to what you need. Quick advice on the phone? No problem. Need a visit to see a problem? We got you. Need a second set of hands that know what they're doing? We're your team. We'll work out something that fits you

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Traditional Contracting

DIY Not for you? No problem. We’re licensed and insured and ready to get it done. Honest, reliable, local team members who re-invest in the community. Point. Pay. Smile.