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Step by step

  • We visit, talk about the project with you, ask questions and propose options; then write an estimate with options.

  • We schedule the project around your availability, including nights and weekends. We help with planning, design and research where necessary.

  • We go over safety procedures, personal protective equipment, safe tool handling and materials safety with you, your kids, your friends - who ever you want to participate in the project.

  • We accompany you to the store so you can buy the necessary materials, without fear of buying more than you need and without the up-selling common to contractors. We'll help you ask better questions and develop a relationship with your home improvement supplier.

  • We work the project with you from start to finish, teaching constantly. When the project is finished, you'll know how to choose materials and tools, what types of blades and bits to use, how to work safely with less frustration and solve problems.

  • You'll use all of our tools for the project, and you can have access to THOUSANDS of tools with our friends, the Tool Library.

  • You can take advantage of a whole bunch of discounts.

  • Each project comes with a free follow-up call in case you forgot to ask anything at all.