Knowledgefire is our dream for building community through shared learning. For now, Knowledgefire is a free program we run by putting 5% of our gross income into summer programs and workshops. Someday Knowledgefire will be its own non-profit, but until then you can still make tax-deductible donations and help this beautiful place flourish. We'll even match every donation you make, up to $25. Follow the link below to find out more.


University Heights Tool Library

We are partnered with the University Heights Tool Library in two ways: We promote membership with UHTL and we are coordinating to make Knowledgefire a satellite tool library on the West Side. We believe in the mission and sustainability of tool libraries as valuable neighborhood assets. The Tool Library is a remarkable non-profit and with us access is insanely inexpensive. 


West side economic development initiative

We strongly support WEDI's mission on the West Side, have seen the power of their work and are happy to help their clients (our neighbors) accomplish their dreams.